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Originally from the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, Touanda is a new artist on the UK music scene, and is already making waves.


Combining her guitar roots as a rock ‘n’ roll singer and songwriter, with her more recent exploration of electronica, she is determined to deliver her message with a sound that is undeniably hers.

With a rich musical upbringing, and a studious background in classical composition, Touanda left the sunny streets of Porto Alegre behind in search of more forward thinking music to match her rebellious spirit. Perhaps inspired by the DIY swagger of the city’s musical history, it seems the notoriously bleak and rainy Manchester has provided the perfect environment for Touanda’s creativity to flourish. It’s an interesting journey to say the least. But one that is reflected in the many styles on offer in her ever growing catalogue of work.


With radio air time and interviews following her latest releases, the future looks bright for Touanda.

Vista POA.jpg

Porto Alegre, Brazil

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